About us

About us

Short story about the project creation

Hi! I am Denis Yefremov and I am glad to see you on our web page.

I am a true car enthusiast since I was small. My father is a former off road racing driver. Do you know how it works in motorsport? One day you race and then you repair your car and prepare it to the next race for few weeks. And I enjoyed time spent in the garage, because I am genuinely into cars. Many years passed from that period of my life, but my passion for cars is still here with me. I had a lot of cars and my experience with purchasing and selling cars is really huge, then technical services, insurance companies, etc. I know every step in a long process starting from monitoring the market and till you will really become the owner of your new car. At one moment my friends started to ask for my help in buying or selling their cars, then the friends of my friends and again their friends until one day I found out that they say "he is a prof in this". That's how the "Auto Consulting" project was founded. Our team has been working on Czech market since 2017, we have found and bought a lot of good cars for our customers and received a lot of positive feedbacks.

We are here to prevent you from possible troubles and big investments after purchasing cars which were crashed previously, have fake mileage or technical problems.

Our team works as a completely independent service, that means we are fair with our customers. 

Ing. Denis Yefremov, Auto Consulting project leader.