Consulting on car selection

The process of search for the best car for you with our services:

  1. We will analyze your expectations and give recommendations and tips for particular models
  2. We will select the best options on the market for you according to your preferences and budget
  3. We will check the data mentioned in the advertisement using public databases
  4. We will contact the seller, find out all necessary details and arrange a meeting
  5. Next, we will inspect chosen cars to get as much information about their condition as possible - details
  • The first consultation is free. If you need additional consultation with our specialist, it is possible by phone or in person at a price of 500 CZK/30 min. Pre-registration for a consultation is required. A lot of useful information is available on our YouTube channel for free! (Many videos are with English subtitles)
  • The search begins with a payment of 500 CZK (paid to our bank account). This price includes:
    1. Search for options according to the specified criteria. We will send you all suitable options. The search will be done 3 times. The ad search service is available only for a budget from 75.000 CZK / 3.000 EUR.
    2. Analysis and comments on the options you found (if any), up to 15 advertisements.
    3. Contacting the sellers of selected options to obtain additional information from the seller. Up to 10 ads.
    If you need to increase the number of searches/comments/calls, it is available for additional payment of 500 CZK.
  • For searching the car in a budget under 75.000 CZK, we recommend that you check out our videos on YouTube, look for options on, send us the best of them and we will work them through together.


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Call us right now and we will find few options for you for 500 CZK