Careful technical check

We offer 4 types of car inspections, depending on your wishes, needs and price range of the car:

1500 CZK

Recommended for cars with a budget under 75.000 CZK.


External and internal detailed inspection of the body, interior and technical condition  

- Test Drive 

This type of inspection will allow you to get the general technical condition of the car, any needs for urgent investments, the amount of rust and the presence of serious damage. 

2000 CZK

Recommended for a budget of 75.000 - 200.000 CZK.

Basic plus:

Body paint measurements

- Computer diagnostics (reading out error codes)

- Preliminary check of VIN code on public bases  

This inspection among other things will allow a more detailed inspection of the condition of the car body for the presence of repainted car parts and accidents in the history of the car, as well as a deeper evaluation of technical condition.

3000 CZK

Recommended for a budget of 200.000 - 500.000 CZK.

Optimal plus:

- Detailed computer diagnostics (check of injectors, DPF (FAP) filter, turbo, mileage in different modules where possible, etc.)

- Inspection of vehicle documentation

Complete check of electronics (sensors, adaptive cruise control, lane assistance, cameras, etc.)    

In this case you get a much more detailed check of technical condition as well as a compliance with the mentioned parameters in the ad.

5000 CZK

Recommended for budgets above 500.000 CZK.

Maxi plus:

- Priority of inspection (to be processed by 1.5 working days from the moment of order)

Detailed evaluation of the cosmetic condition of the car body and interior with a forecast for the future repair costs (much more detailed report of the cosmetic condition)

- Assistance with the process of purchase up to 1 hour. If necessary, in online format. Doesn't include registration. 

The most detailed and full inspection which also includes assistance in a process of purchase.

  • The "Expert for a Day" service is also available, which includes an unlimited number of inspections within 1 business day (8 hours). The price also includes travel in an expert's car up to 50 km (the journey is over at the standard price tag). The cost of the service is 8,000 CZK for the whole day.
  • Any inspection can take place with your presence, or you will be provided with a video / photo report via WhatsApp / Telegram.
  • If you order an Optimal, Maxi or Premium inspection, but the car does not pass the test at an earlier stage, then you pay the type of inspection at which the test was finished.
    Example: You ordered the Optimal, but during the external examination it is clear for the mechanic that we have "junk car", in this situation you will pay only the price of the Basic inspection.
  • An inspection ordered within the Czech Republic or Slovakia is performed by the closest specialist. All the orders outside these 2 countries are performed by the specialists from Prague.
  • The trip outside the city is to be charged 10 CZK / 1 km for each way. Kilometers are counted from the central point of the departure city to the point of arrival according to Google Maps or Waze.
  • For trips over 1000 km or 10 hours in total, the client pays an extra charges of 2000 CZK.
  • For any inspection you can get a full report of Cebia Autotracer at a favorable price of 450 CZK (standard price 600 CZK).

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