Price list


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Basic car check

More details about types of inspections here

1.500 CZK

Optimal car check

2.000 CZK

Maxi car check

3.000 CZK

Premium car check

5.000 CZK

Expert for a Day

8 hours, unlimited number of inspections. Includes travel up to 50 km.

8.000 CZK

Trip cost outside of Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary or Frýdlant nad Ostravicí (close to Ostrava)

Each way

10 CZK/1 km

Additional fee for trips over 1.000 km or 10 hours

2.000 CZK

Looking for offers on the internet

More details about the search process here

500 CZK


You leave a car in the morning and pick it up afternoon

Petrol 3.100 CZK, Diesel 3.400 CZK

Assistance with purchase and registration

Hour rate

1000 CZK

Online consultation about a car purchase contract

500 CZK

Consultation with our specialist

In person or by phone

500 CZK/30 min

Registration in your absence with power of attorney

Including registration fee (without STK)

2000 CZK

Registration of imported car (from EU countries)

Including registration fee (without STK)

3000 CZK

Car price negotiation

25% from a discount

Cebia Autotracer report

Standart price is 600 CZK

450 CZK