Do you still trust to authorized dealerships?


Many of you believe you can trust to authorized dealerships. Let's see how you will behave after the next short story:
Skoda superb, year 2015, price 395k czk, mileage around 180k km. For sale from dealership after finished leasing. There is a full service and repairs history including body repairs. During phone call the seller opens car history and tells there was only rear bumper repainted, nothing else.
I go to Olomouc (!!) for car check... which finishes after 5 minutes.
The car was crashed to rear left side: trunk door repainted including inside part, left side repaired with filler a lot, also including inside parts under the door, etc.
How did the seller explain that? He didn't, he didn't know anything. But the car is in their ownership from the first day..
Do you still trust to authorized dealerships?