Fake mileage again


Today with my client we checked Citroen C5 Tourer, year 2010, mileage 94000 km. This auto has been recently imported from Belgium and the seller was ready to provide us with the mileage certificate.

As soon as I looked over the interior I had already some doubts regarding the mileage authenticity - scuffed wheel, side parts of the seats are broken, chipped off paint on the exterior handles. "Oh no, this lools like about 200.000 km" - I started to suspect. I connected my diagnostics and found out that some clock fixer forgot that sometimes the mileage quantity is saved in DPF control module and he didn't "fix" the real 175000 km.

I was disappointed. Cause in fact this car with the real 175000 km mileage was quite good - never crashed, stable suspension, motor runs good. In case the seeler would leave the real mileage and offer an adequate price I would definitely recommend this car to my client. But the seller wanted to make a pretty penny out, as, unfortunately, many of them do no matter how. 

Dear friends, be careful, don't believe the fairytales, especially don't trust the documents provided by the sellers which nowadays can be so easily faked.