Used car sale fraud again


We would like to share with you one more fraud during used care sale.

We had been looking for a good Volkswagen Tiguan for our customer recently. We controlled 8 cars, each of them had some small defects. But one of them, or especially its seller disappointed us a lot.

So, VW Tiguan, 2014 year of production, mileage around 150.000 km, 2.0 TDI engine, manual gearbox, price was 350.000 CZK. At the first look we didn't like, that the car engine was heated just before our control. During detailed optical check we found one painted fender. Then we went for a test drive. We drove few kilometers outside of the city and then we asked to go to the city for a suspension check. But seller surprised us by his answer, that there are 20 people waiting for him to go for grilling and he had no more time. When we arrived, I plugged computer diagnostics and immediately checked DPF filter and I was right. It was overfilled to 110%. Then I also checked when engine faults were cleared last time - 10 km ago. So, seller definitely knows about defect, he ran DPF regeneration just before our visit and he didn't want to go to the city center because error could appear again.

It happened 2 weeks ago, but the car is already sold. So, someone bought it, went to home and he was definitely surprised very soon by engine fault and the price of repair around 20 thousand CZK, or even more.

And we are sure, that seller covered himself in the contract from complaints by special terms..

P.S. There is another car on the photo, but very similar.