Why don't we work on a "turnkey" basis?


Hello everybody!

I would like to inform you that we do not work on a "turnkey" basis (this is when you pay a certain amount for the selection of a car). Moreover, we consider it to be a bad method for you, customers. Working this way, it makes sense to quickly get rid of you. Why should someone invest more time in looking through all the advertisements, selecting, calling, arranging meetings with private sellers, traveling around the country and abroad so as to choose the best option when it's easier to go to the largest car seller nearby and choose something there? After all, they will receive the same money. Well, the fact that the client will receive either a bad car or overpay for it - is an entirely different story.

Our main goal is to find you the worthy options. Sometimes it will be the first car, and sometimes the fifth or even more. Therefore, we can not estimate an average cost for the selection, we are paid according to the number of checks, that means for the work really done.

We are now looking for a car for our colleague, and it's been more than a month, 9 cars checked and still nothing found. Selection of a car is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

All the best!

And so another reseller drags the car for sale :)