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Dear our English speaking friends! We have started working on English subtitles to our Youtube videos. Please, help us to grow and share this video with your friends and on expats' pages and groups!We try to share very helpfull information which have been missing on Czech internet about the used cars market and everything related to it.Thank you!

Dear friends, who we helped to find a good car or who just want to support us - we have prepared company stickers! There are quite small. There are white and gold (for toned windows). We give them for free, we can send it by post and we can instruct you how to apply it. We only ask a photo of sticker on your car afterwards :)...

Many of you believe you can trust to authorized dealerships. Let's see how you will behave after the next short story:
Skoda superb, year 2015, price 395k czk, mileage around 180k km. For sale from dealership after finished leasing. There is a full service and repairs history including body repairs. During phone call the seller opens car history and...

Fake advertisements has been appearing very often last few months. Shortly the case is: a very nice car appears in advertisements with the very low price. Mobile phone is not available, but on the email some person will respond you, that he/she had worked in Czech Republic for some time, but then left with a car. It's not possible to...

I would like to inform you that we do not work on a "turnkey" basis (this is when you pay a certain amount for the selection of a car). Moreover, we consider it to be a bad method for you, customers. Working this way, it makes sense to quickly get rid of you. Why should someone invest more time in...

We would like to share with you one more fraud during used care sale.

We had been looking for a good Volkswagen Tiguan for our customer recently. We controlled 8 cars, each of them had some small defects. But one of them, or especially its seller disappointed us a lot.

Just have a look, those are some examples of a big enough mileage. So, once you will go to a car outlet and see one with 149.000 km. on tachometer indicator, just compare it with the ones below, which have a totally proved history of ownership, mileage and tehcnical service.

Today with my client we checked Citroen C5 Tourer, year 2010, mileage 94000 km. This auto has been recently imported from Belgium and the seller was ready to provide us with the mileage certificate.

Useful website to check the fuel consumption

Our customers frequently ask about the fuel consumption for particular cars. Here you can search by model, year, engine, etc and find out the real consumption: